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New Territory

Image Brochure

Views 27 set 07/2017

This announcement is the first in a 5-part series. The marketing communication aims to gain an insight into our thinking, actions and values. Each element in the series also illustrates an extraordinary brochure or book finishing technique.

The physical, haptic, characteristic of the material (ROUGH Coldwhite 240 gsm) is further emphasized through the minimal use of 'language'. An Italian binding option for brochures and cassette allows the pages to be turned 180 degrees without any resistance while the open back complements the natural look of the material perfectly. Finished with foil embossing and, sometimes, a combination of flat and deep embossing. Transporting the motto 'new territory' onto the brochure as well as the cassette and lets both pieces merge into one entity.



Agency / customer

BRAUN Denk & Werk

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