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All Quiet On The Eastern Front

Views 25 set 01/2018

The series "All Quiet On The Eastern Front" was shot by Robert Pufleb on a trip to Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia and Latvia in May 2017. Pufleb's intuitive footage reflects the shift in social culture that, through Western influences, takes on a hybrid of East-West aesthetic. The images are also part of the photographer's long-term project EVERYDAYLICITY, which covers photographic observations since 2005. Among them are recordings from Saigon, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Los Angeles and Paris.
Pufleb took inspiration for the exhibition title from the anti-war novel “All quiet on the Western Front” by Maria Remarques.

The brochure for the exhibition has a particularly large format with individual pages only intertwined to allow different viewing possibilities of the pictures. In addition the reduced layout of Nadine Schlieper offers the viewer the peace of mind for a concentrated view of the photographs. The brochure was produced using Metapaper EXTRAMATT White 115gsm on an HP Indigo at Burger Druck, Waldkirch.

Printing house

Burger Druck GmbH



Agency / customer

Nadine Schlieper / Robert Pufleb

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