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10 Years of Young Culture


Views 25 set 10/2021


The Kreisjugendring München-Stadt (KJR) regularly organizes courses and workshops for children and young people. "Junge Kultur (eng., young culture)", as the KJR's program is called, means education for cultural participation, and is concerned with the democratization of culture – living with and understanding culture no matter what facet. To mark its 10th anniversary, the KJR published a newspaper containing a representative selection of the projects in the brochure.

Metapaper newsprint was an unusual choice for the topic and thus stood out strongly from comparable publications.

Text: Manuel Kreuzer

Printing house

Druckerei Kettler



Agency / customer

Agency: Manuel Kreuzer - Visual design office, Passau; Final customer: Kreisjugendring München-Stadt

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