At Metapaper we believe that when paper and print come together the result can be luxurious, high-end communications. It is the guiding principal of our work. And as print evolves in a digital we will witness an increased emphasis placed upon the alliance of form and function as we search for a more physical, tangible and extraordinary communication experience. Print delivers with physicality and emotion – a feature which will be increasingly valued by brands owners who seek to differentiate their products and services in an increasingly saturated digital space.

At Metapaper we offer a platform where you can be inspired by fascinating print objects; where you can find the perfect print partner and where you can find the perfect paper for your project. And in our Wiki you can find a rich source of paper and print information courtesy of industry experts. Use our free Metapaper sample book to select the perfect paper and send your specification to your print house or buy it directly online at our online-shop.

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