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Choose from 12 surfaces and 3 colors and find the perfect paper for your project.

Experience every surface from the luxuriously tactile EXTRAROUGH to the glass-smooth crispness of GLOSS. Choose from Warmwhite, White or Coldwhite, with or without recycled fiber and in a range of substances from 80gsm - 1300gsm.

Order your sample book online today and tomorrow you can experience your Metapaper.

From Stationary to Letterpress

Your Metapaper sample book contains a complementary selection of envelopes and labels all perfectly and logically matched to our paper portfolio. Envelopes are available in EXTRAROUGH and SMOOTH in all shades of white in various formats. And don’t forget our fabulous letterpress products PURE COTTON, CRAFT and EMBOSSED.

Metapaper selector stationary overview

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