What is the difference between coated and uncoated papers?

Coated paper: Is produced with a surface coating which allows for maximum smoothness and ink holdout in the printing process. Coated papers are available in a range of finishes and sheens from matt to silk to gloss. Our unique EXTRAMATT paper is a so-called coated uncoated paper.

Uncoated paper: Are manufactured with no surface coating and present a more open, tactile and textured surface. Uncoated papers are available in a wide variety of grades and levels of quality. Our uncoated EXTRAROUGH, EXTRASMOOTH, EXTRASMOOTH RECYCLING and our SMOOTH and ROUGH finishes are premium uncoated papers.

Do you provide ICC profiles for your papers?

We offer ICC profiles for our EXTRAMATT COLDWHITESMOOTH and ROUGH grades. Click here to receive the profiles. For profile recommendations on our other grades, please email: service@metapaper.io

What are the common digital printing technologies?

In our opinion the highest-quality digital printing can be achieved on the HP Indigo series. In contrast to the dry-toner process (Xerox, OCE, Nexpress etc.) HP uses a liquid toner [electroInk] technology. As inkjet technology evolves it is expected that this equipment will also compete in the high quality digital printing space. All of our papers are optimized for all of these technologies.

Which paper is suitable for what?

Each paper can be used for many types of printing applications, from business cards to annual reports. To identify the correct paper for your project always ask yourself the following four questions: ·

  • What are the communication goals for this project?
  • What are you designing?
  • What printing process are you using?
  • How important is the environment and sustainability?Or is it more important to be economical?

Once these four questions have been answered we can help recommend the right paper for your project. To help you further we have we have developed our "Paper Concept" service. Simply download the PDF, fill out the form and return to us by email. Within 48 hours you will receive the perfect paper recommendation for your print projects.

What is the difference between long grain and short grain?

The grain direction indicates the running direction of the paper fibers as they form on the paper machine. Selecting the appropriate grain direction can have an impact on your print project. For publishing projects where paper is glued and or folded it is important to complete these processes in harmony with the grain direction. It is always worth discussing your concerns with your print partner. Metapaper provide papers in both LONG and SHORT grain directions. A simple way to identify grain direction is to remember the SECOND dimension. If the second dimension in smaller e.g. 1020 x 720 it is SHORT grain. If the second dimension is larger e.g. 720 x 1020 it is LONG grain.

How about trial sheets?

If you or your customer need trial sheets, we are very happy to help. Trial sheets are shipped directly from our warehouse – on receiving an order in our web-shop. Unfortunately we cannot provide trial sheets free of charge but will, on receipt of a significant order, credit back the trial sheets. Fair Deal? Alternatively we can of-course send A4 samples free of charge.

How does MULTILOFT print and which versions are there?

We have produced a tutorial area providing a wealth of information on MULTILOFT. 

How can I be listed as a printer with you?

All listed GOLD PRINTERS have been recommended by at least three leading agencies or designers. Our GOLD PRINTERS represent the highest printer craftsmanship - being inspired by challenging print specification and continually striving to produce creative results for their customers. GOLD PRINTES regularly use Metapaper papers to guarantee their print is reproduced on the best possible surfaces.

Are there differences between the printers?

Just as every print job can be unique or different so too is every printer; some printers will be specialist in specific areas while others may be more generalist. We can help you find the perfect printer for your project. Every printer in our GOLD PRINTER directory has been recommended by a leading creative agency or brand - making them some of the best printers in the country - and have great experience of working with our products.

It is very important to us that our GOLD PRINTERS reflect the diversity of print technologies and we include offset, letterpress and digital specialist in directory. If you think that your perfect print partner is missing please do let us know.

Where do you deliver?

We can deliver to every country in Central and Western Europe. We regularly supply paper to Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Spain and the Czech Republic. In Switzerland we cooperate with the Fischer-paper company which has a very similar range.

If you have any specific shipping requirements please Email us at logistics@noSpammetapaper.io

How about CO2 neutrality?

We believe that CO2 neutrality is the target to aim for. All of our partners: pulp producers, paper mills, printing houses and designers etc. are similarly motivated and are actively working to reduce their real emissions.

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