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... has, as the name suggests, an extramatt, lightly coated surface and is certified with the Blue Angel and FSC 100% Recycling. EXTRAMATT RECYCLING with its White-Coldwhite colour is the whitest possible paper with the Blue Angel.

EXTRAMATT RECYCLING is made from 100% recycled paper, i.e. fibres from an existing print object are recycled and reused. The lightly coated, velvety matt surface ensures optimum printing results: print results that correspond to a coated paper but have the natural feel of a natural and recycled paper.
The high whiteness for a recycled paper, the approx. 1.2-fold volume, the pleasant feel, the quality of image reproduction and the stable behaviour in printing and further processing make it suitable for a wide range of applications in all areas. EXTRAMATT RECYCLING is suitable for HP Indigo, inkjet, laser and toner printing and offset and can even be finished with Scodix.

EXTRAMATT RECYCLING is available in the grammages 100 g/m2, 120 g/m2, 150 g/m2, 250 g/m2 and 300 g/m2 in many different formats.

Printing instructions for offset printing: For this lightly coated paper, oxidative drying inks as well as vegetable-based inks are ideal. However, the pile height should be limited to avoid set-off. The use of a medium-grain powder is recommended for low basis weights (<150 g/m2) and only for high ink application. A coarser powder is preferred for papers over 150 g/m2. You can improve the abrasion resistance with an acrylic varnish for uncoated paper, but this is always at the expense of the paper feel.

For the perfect result, you can also use this ICC profile.

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