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Travel Companion

really good things for the road

Views 26 set 10/2018

Travel Companion publications represent a unique publishing space – their thoughtful production embraces both aesthetic and narrative forms to distil down information to the most essential facts whilst continuing to create an emotional and functional interaction and form.

Based on their journey to Mongolia the authors Eberhard Holder and Micha Klein present over 150 travelogues which are at once aesthetic, functional, emotional, user-friendly and durable. Comprising numerous photographs, illustrations and sketches the travel guides take their readers on a journey of discovery through Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Siberia and Mongolia. Eberhard Holder is Professor of Industrial Design, Micha Klein Interior Designer and Designer.

Produced using Metapaper EMBOSSED LEATHER White 300 gsm for the cover – to recreate the illusion of a robust, sturdy, traditional leather case. Contents pages combine Metapaper SILK RECYCLING 150gsm and Metapaper EXTRAMATT White 130gsm – chosen to complement and enhance the content: SILK RECYCLING for the photographs and EXTRAMATT for the illustrations and sketches. The technical implementation was undertaken by Offizin Scheufele Druck und Medien.



Agency / customer

Julian Henschel / AVEdition / Eberhard Holder, Micha Klein

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