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Golden Ideas

The Consolation Nail

Views 26 set 05/2018

Once a year, ideas are gilded: at the ADC Festival in spring, when the most creative minds from all over Germany meet in Hamburg. And only the very best campaigns get a gold nail! By way of ‘consolation’ print company THINKPRINT has created the Gold Idea book with a message of motivation to creatives who didn’t receive the gold nail: ‘Don’t Give Up’ and start collecting new ideas immediately.
Many ADC participants came away empty-handed. This year was no different. Once again Hamburg digital printers created a motivation: ‘The Consolation Nail’. Behind the consolation nail is a flyer with an individual coupon code: The next print job will present you with your “Golden Ideas” notebook free of charge. The hardcover notebook with gold stamping and gold cutting will record the best ideas – and they are worth their weight in gold! Produced using EXTRAROUGH White 120gsm the "consolation nails" were distributed to the ADC congress visitors on the morning of the first day of the festival.

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