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More is possible together


Views 25 set 04/2021

It starts with the little ones and together with the "little ones".
Sustainability, the use of environmentally friendly materials, reducing waste and creating and raising environmental awareness – critical actions that can all start from very small beginnings. To address these ‘small steps’ we have rethought the "simple" and "classic" 6-page spiral-fold flyer for the sponsorship association of our elementary school. The magic words around the project rethink are ecoFIBRES – selecting environmentally responsible papers – and NEEDS-BASED – recognizing on-demand production techniques to reduce waste – producing only what you need, when you need it. Because more is possible together.
Original text: Druckerei Schöneweiß



Agency / customer

Förderverein der Wigand-Gerstenberg-Grundschule Frankenberg

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