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Druckerei Schöneweiß GmbH

Tannenweg 22, 35066 Frankenberg (Eder)

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It´s only print media, but we like it!

We have been working on behalf of the print media since 1962 according to this motto.

For us, the principle applies that special papers, printing techniques, finishing and solutions have a positive influence on the value and success of a print product.

There is no such thing as impossible for us, because the only limit is our own imagination.


Design & Sustainability

Shop more sustainably now and end the waste of resources together.

For the benefit for all of us.

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Rough, Smooth, Newsprint, ecoFIBRES + COLORS, Envelopes, Labels, Extramatt, Extrarough Recycling, Extrasmooth Recycling, Silk Recycling, Extrarough, Extrasmooth, Pure Cotton, Craft, Embossed (Leather, Linen, Micro, Stone, Wood), Rough with 5% COLOR, Multiloft, Top (Multiloft 150 + 190 gsm), Smooth + Silk

Print projects

Stationery, Address label, Sticker, Report, Book on Demand / Print on Demand, Booklet, Envelopes - printed to the edge, Envelopes - nearly printed to the edge, Unprinted Envelopes, Brochure, Book, Invitation card, Flyer, Photo book, Calendar, Catalogue, Magazine, Mailing, Folder, NFC, Poster, Packaging, Business card

Printing technology

Letterpress, Digital / drytoner A3 plus format, Hybrid Printing (Offset & Digital), Offset A3 (plus) format, Special colour, White Ink, Creasing/Scoring


Saddle stitching, Wire-O-Binding, Perfect binding, Soft Cover, Hard Cover, Thread Stitching

Processing / Finishing

Punching / Die Cutting, Lasercutting, Embossing, Cellophane, Dispersion varnish flat, Dispersion varnish partial, UV-varnish flat, UV-varnish partial, Perforation, Hot Foil, Relief Printing, Lettershop

Order size

Small orders (up to 100) personalised, Small orders (up to 100) standardised, Mid-size order (up to 1.000) personalised, Mid-size order (up to 1.000) standardised, Big-size order (> 1.000) personalised, Big-size order (> 1.000) standardised


Carbon Neutral, Renewable Energy Use > 50%, Printed Locally

Contact data


Druckerei Schöneweiß GmbH
Tannenweg 22
35066 Frankenberg (Eder)

Contact person

Carlo Schöneweiß
Phone: 06451 8786

Project of

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