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Details Matter

THONET Christmas Card

Views 26 set 12/2020

It's all in the detail.
In our industry this is a defining principle. It is in the detail where a print product is made round and perfect. And it is the same in many other industries where design, beauty and grace are concerned; it is in the detail where the difference is made. Especially when it comes to a reduced and not overloaded design.
We are very proud that we were able to accompany, advise and produce this project. It was very important to us to present the classic and timeless elegance of the design icons of the THONET company on the Christmas card. We have harmonized the gold tone of the classic THONET basket weave on the front with the Metapaper GREYWHITE and the actual weave color. Because it's all about the details ...
Original Text: Druckerei Schöneweiß


ROUGH 5% Rosewhite

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