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Business cards

Views 36 set 04/2018

The goal was to create a striking business card for a moving image agency which captured and conveyed different emotions through a haptic experience.
These ‘physical’ results were achieved through a relief-like embossing of the company on one-side and complementing this with a smooth reverse with contact details clearly presented through vibrant HP Indigo digital printing.
To ensure that the relief emboss did not impact upon the legibility of the contact data, Metapaper EXTRAROUGH Warmwhite 430gsm was selected and embossed with a negative in the second step. In this process the business card material is compacted, the surface of one side is smooth from the feel and remains flat and rough on the back. This creates a strong tactile contrast of the surfaces. A final striking feature of these business cards is the contrasting colour edges which have been created with a blue coloured edge.

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Prägemanufaktur / M-Create

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