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Relief printing notebooks

Views 26 set 09/2019

This project commemorates and promotes thermal relief printing as a finishing technology. Although the technology is not new, it is not so well known to many customers - particularly in the case of 1 or 2 colour prints in black or pantone up to A4 format – where the relief printing can really shine. Since it is a subsequent finishing process to offset printing, both the colour and a raised relief can be applied in only one print pass. Compared to offset printing and the follow-up UV relief coating in screen printing, this is significantly less expensive, whilst the risk of register fluctuations between offset and screen printing is also eliminated.
We want to show the customer an application example under real conditions and have therefore quite deliberately gone to the limits of relief printing with the sometimes very delicate motif. Part of the edition was realized with effect powders, whereby both gold and silver tones as well as matt colourless powders were used.
To achieve the optimum results we chose Metapaper EXTRASMOOTH for the cover, which is perfectly suited for relief printing due to the smooth surface, and Metapaper EXTRAROUGH for the interior – to deliver a nice touch and feel whilst returning excellent writability.
To add a certain something we refined the edges with a coloured edge print or foil cut. The majority of the edition displays a black-green edge with a gradient. For the remaining books we implemented multiple different versions of multi-coloured film cuts. Each copy is unique!
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