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CXI 2016

Writing Pad & Booklet

Views 26 set 04/2016

For CXI 2016 a booklet and writing pad were produced on Metapaper. Fitting to the CXI design, both were designed with a matching green colour. The booklet is handy with its 6-page fold-over cover on EXTRAMATT White 280gsm with the logo blind embossed. The text pages were produced on EXTRASMOOTH White 120gsm. The writing pad was produced in a Swiss brochure format with an open thread stitching – complete with green thread! – and the same envelope material as the booklet. The pass was also blind embossed but with the colours reversed. To retain design consistency the content pages were also contrasting – produced on ROUGH White 120gsm.

Printing house




Agency / customer

Timo Herrmann/ CXI Konferenz

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