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Illustration and Beyond

Views 26 set 07/2019

PEPPA - Illustration and beyond: Five contemporary illustrators from Berlin give in-depth interviews and insight into their work and their studios. Featuring: Laura Breiling, Jack Sachs, Katrin Rodegast, ATAK and Golden Cosmos.
Each booklet was printed on a different shade of the Metapaper ROUGH 5%:
Laura Breiling: ROUGH 5% Greywhite 140gsm
ATAK: ROUGH 5% Rosewhite 140gsm
Golden Cosmos: ROUGH 5% Greenwhite 140gsm
Jack Sachs: ROUGH 5% Bluewhite 140gsm
Katrin Rodegast: ROUGH 5% Rosewhite 140gsm
The booklets are all presented with a shortened typographic cover which reveals a full-format illustration behind through a punch out. Each title is bound with Japanese thread stitching and combined in a screen-printed slipcase. Production was executed by our Print Partner Heenemann, Berlin.

Original Text: Lisa Borges



Agency / customer

Lisa Borges / Studio Maven

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