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Buch- und Offsetdruckerei H. Heenemann GmbH & Co. KG

Bessemerstraße 83–91, 12103 Berlin

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We are a modern and efficient company in the printing industry with a history rich in tradition.

We produce all kinds of print media, with high quality and for the right target group. Personal support, sensitive solution strategies, individual service and constructive cooperation are fundamental principles of our corporate philosophy.


Heenemann's online shop. With a lot of metapaper inside.

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Extrarough Recycling, Extramatt Recycling, Extramatt, Photo, Newsprint, Extrasmooth Recycling, Extrarough, Rough, Smooth, Extrasmooth, Rough with 5% COLOR, Multiloft, Envelopes



Printing technology

Offset half format (approx. 50x70), Offset format >70cm x 100cm, HP Indigo A2+ Format, Print data check, HP Indigo A2+ Format, Hybrid Printing (Offset & Digital), Special colour, White Ink, Creasing/Scoring

Processing / Finishing

Cellophane, Punching / Die Cutting, Lasercutting, Embossing, Dispersion varnish flat, Dispersion varnish partial, Hot Foil, UV-varnish flat, Perforation, Coloured Edge, Lettershop

Print projects

Printfarm, Address label, Sticker, Report, Book on Demand / Print on Demand, Booklet, Envelopes - nearly printed to the edge, Unprinted Envelopes, Brochure, Book, Invitation card, Flyer, Photo book, Stationery, Calendar, Catalogue, Magazine, Mailing, Folder, Poster, Packaging


Perfect binding, Saddle stitching, Wire-O-Binding, Hard Cover, Soft Cover, Swiss binding, Thread Stitching, Japanese binding

Order size

Mid-size order (up to 1.000) personalised, Mid-size order (up to 1.000) standardised, Big-size order (> 1.000) personalised, Big-size order (> 1.000) standardised


Contact data


Buch- und Offsetdruckerei H. Heenemann GmbH & Co. KG
Bessemerstraße 83–91
12103 Berlin

Contact person

Steffen Lang
Phone: +49 30 7 53 03144

Project of

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