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Invitation to a Time Travel

Views 29 set 04/2018

The International Watch Company (IWC) invites you on a very special journey into the world of time machines. Journey through time and experience the 150 years history the IWC – made possible courtesy of your “Zeitreisepass”. The passport document examines the significant time machines (watch models) that have accompanied the IWC on their journey to the modern day. Some of the historical pieces were borrowed from the IWC Museum in Schaffhausen and exhibited as part of the anniversary celebration in the IWC boutique in Munich.

For this special passport the designer selected EXTRAROUGH White 120gsm. The pages are bound by saddle stitch with the opening clip concealed inside. The passport card is also a real eye-catcher - a lenticular image - suitable for the theme of "time", which is constantly in motion. Also particularly noble is the solid dark blue cover that provides a visual and haptic cue towards vintage leather and which is finished with a silver hot foil. The time travel pass was produced at Gilch, Kirchheim near Munich.

Printing house

Der Gilch GmbH



Agency / customer

DFM - Carsten Hess

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