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THE aesthetic OF BLACK

Kalender 2019 mit Verpackung

Views 125 set 12/2018

The symbolism and the effect of the colour black are ambivalent. Your charisma captivates us. Black, we associate with elegance, strength, individuality as well as with withdrawal and the "nothing". Where there is no light, darkness spreads and perhaps a little fear, but always also tension and curiosity: for example, Braun Denk & Werk's limited edition "THE aesthetic OF BLACK" calendar.
So what creative play is in force when the colour black is celebrated in all its facets?
Twelve times we dive into the black aesthetic, each picture accompanied by echoes of an emotional story.
The monochrome photographs achieve a magical touch through large-area Typo in neon colours. Printed on Metapaper SMOOTH White with a tonal range of 1-99% and total area coverage of up to 380%, the LE-UV Offset achieves an exceptional dynamic range. For the first time, a calendar was produced utilising the layflat “Italian binding” process more commonly known for booklet processing. As a result extremely accurate transitions of the double page spreads were possible without the disruption or interruption of a joint. The cover of the calendar and the packaging were produced in exclusive black multilayer foil emboss. The fully dyed packaging box and the 3-sided black colour section of the calendar also offer a wow effect and elevate the calendar from Braun Denk & Werk to a work of art.



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BRAUN Denk & Werk GmbH

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