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»Freiräume« (engl. Open spaces)

b.a.c.H. Pocket Calendar 2023

Views 30 set 10/2022

The book art center Halle, or b.a.c.H. for short, pocket calendar invites artists inside every year. "Together we come up with a theme for the monthly prints." The 2021 calendar entitled "International Holidays" won bronze at the Art Directors Club Germany, and 2022’s "We Celebrate Women" calendar won an award in the illustration category.
For 2023, calendar illustrations were realized in various techniques such as collage, woodcut, drawing, photography or watercolor by Luzia Werner, Nadine Respondek, Monika Jäger, Katja Zwirnmann, Manuela Büchting, Anett Hoffmann, Petra Reichenbach, Charlotte Ehrt, Nora Mona Bach, Annekathrin Pohle, Ilkay Unay-Gailhard, Franziska Stübgen and Barbara Dimanski.
During the Corona pandemic, there was often much talk of losing personal freedom. The Ukraine war shows that county’s European neighbors that the right to self-determination is a fragile commodity. Freedom has as many facets as there are people; the 2023 b.a.c.H. pocket calendar tries to talk to these freedoms.
It tells of the non-violent disobedience of environmental activists in the USA, of clandestine techno parties in the Iranian desert, of pirate radio stations, Lennon Walls and the umbrella movement, of being voluntarily on the move and places of retreat such as nature or water. Of the freedom of thought in song and the liberating effect of singing. Also of the liberating feeling of having completed a task.
A foretaste of the thirteen illustrations flashes through the window in the cloudy sky cover. The stories behind them are gathered in the artist overview at the end of the calendar. A collection pocket for notes can be found in the cover. The calendar in pocketbook format offers plenty of space for notes with its weekly overview.
The calendar costs 23 € and can be ordered by mail:
The book art center Halle, b.a.c.H. for short, sees itself as an open network for artists working in the medium of books. For us, book art is the interplay of text and image and the creation of a whole through individual design elements. We find expression in various original graphic and bookbinding techniques..
"With the network b.a.c.H. we would like to give a face to the numerous book artist:s in Halle and elsewhere and stimulate the exchange in artistic and practical questions."
Text & image: b.a.c.H.

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