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Riso calendar 2021

Drucken3000 family calendar

Views 25 set 11/2020

Year after year Drucken3000 prints its famous and high sought after Riso calendar. Printed with soy-based riso colours on various Metapaper papers, including those from the newly launched ecoFIBRES + COLORS ranges. The calendar is full of little surprises and nuances to create a very interesting and enjoyable printed object. Have fun exploring all the way to 2022!
The following Metapaper papers were used:

  •      BLACK & WHITE 300gsm
  •      EXTRAROUGH Coldwhite 175gsm
  •      EXTRAROUGH warm white 175gsm
  •      EXTRAROUGH RECYCLING White 175gsm
  •      ROUGH Warmwhite 160gsm
  •      ROUGH Coldwhite 160gsm
  •      SMOOTH Coldwhite 160gsm
  •      ROUGH Warmwhite 160gsm
  •      COLORS Greywhite 140gsm
  •      COLORS Greenwhite 140gsm
  •      COLORS Rosewhite 140gsm
  •      COLORS Bluewhite 140gsm
  •      COLORS Flamingo 300gsm



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