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The book art centre Halle (b.a.c.H.) pocket calendar 2021

A journey through the international year

Views 35 set 10/2020

It is only since the shocking attack in Halle on October 9, 2019 that have many of us known of Yom Kippur – the most important festival in the Jewish year. And most of us know just as little of the festivals and activities of the Jewish community as we do the holidays and festivities of our fellow Muslim citizens. For example when does the fasting month of Ramadan begin in 2021 and when will the end of Ramadan be celebrated with the brilliant sugar festival? To look more closely into the traditions and customs of other countries and religions, the b.a.c.H 2021 pocket calendar sets out on a journey of discovery to explore the festivals through the course of the year. Commencing in January with the European new year celebrations it moves through February and the Chinese New Year, the year of the ox, and into March’s Indian Holi festival follows. In April Japan celebrates Buddha's birthday and in May is it Sinti and Roma celebrating Ederlezi. June’s Christopher Street Day has its origins in New York City and in July Armenians refresh themselves at the water festival. The beginning of the Islamic calendar is celebrated by many Muslims as Ashura in August. Yom Kippur is a full-day reconciliation service in September. Thanksgiving is celebrated in October in different regions of the world. At the beginning of November, the dead come out of their graves in Mexico to dance with their loved ones and on December 4th, many Afro-Americans celebrate the god of thunder, Shango, as the protector and avenger of all injustices. 

Ulrike Jänichen, Luzia Werner, Magda Klemp, Nadine Respondek, Anna Helm, Annegret Frauenlob, Wiebke Kirchner, Sarah Deibele, Alica Khaet, Monika Jäger, Petra Reichenbach and Barbara Dimanski captured and represented these unique holidays around the world using a variety of creative techniques including drawing, blotches, woodcut, airbrush, collage, photography or linocut.

The b.a.c.H. 2010 calendar is thread-stitched in format 140 x 195 mm (W x H) and extends to 152 pages. The pocket book linen cover is echoed in the carrier envelope – reproduced in an aubergine shade from Bamberg's calico. The title page carries a decorative hot foil stamp, while the back cover contains a collection bag. The inner pages are produced using Metapaper ROUGH Warmwhite 90gsm.
The calendar was printed using offset printing at Druckzuck in Halle. The bookbinding was done by the bookbinding Marré in Teicha.
The b.a.c.H.-Calendar 2021 will be published in an edition of 300 copies.
It can be ordered by email via
The price is €21.00
The book art center Halle, (b.a.c.H.) is an open network for artists working with the medium of the book.

Original text: reichenbach design

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