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Stories about Deeds, Dreams and Transporter

Views 26 set 01/2017

Since its launch on January 1st 2017 the "VANS - Stories about Deeds, Dreams and Transporter" magazine has been part of the Mercedes-Benz Vans welcome pack presented to customers on purchasing a van. A new limited edition hardcover version has now been produced for thirty very special customers. The content tells the stories of vans and their owners, charging the brand with inspiration and emotion and positioning the van as an element of life – a faithful companion and a lifetime partner. Stories are categorised under key headings such as History, Work and Life and offer personal insights which are further presented and illustrated through the free and open design. A relaxed interpretation of the corporate design and a series of unique illustrations create a vision that is further enhanced through the use of texture and colour reinforces the Mercedes-Benz Van brand language of lifestyle, freedom and zest. "Vans - stories about deeds, dreams and transporters" is a declaration of love to the beautiful sheet metal of the world! Produced by Walter Digital on Metapaper EXTRAROUGH Warmwhite 150gsm.



Agency / customer

FischerAppelt, play GmbH / Mercedes-Benz Vans

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