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Der Koloss

Edition Letterpress by Suhrkamp

Views 25 set 09/2017

»Der Koloss« (engl: the colossus) of Sylvia Plath is the third volume in a seven-part Suhrkamp Letterpress Edition. The special feature of this edition is that the book was produced entirely in letterpress by the Lettertypen printing house in Berlin using the traditional, but long forgotten, 65 x 46 format – common in the 50s and 60’s, but revived only a few years ago!

The cover of the Suhrkamp Letterpress series was printed in 3 colours with a 54-line grid. The printing plate was produced at the printing house – there was no need for a negative film because the reproduction is directly imaged onto the printing plate. To complete the production process – UV light for curing the polymer layer and water for washing out.

The result was not only phenomenal (what a rich black!) but also extremely popular….it sold out in a matter of days!

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