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b.a.c.H. pocket calendar 2022

Celebrating Women

Views 55 set 11/2021

Women are celebrated in the new b.a.c.H. pocket calendar XX22.
Women like the art collector who only buys work from female artists and donates them to museums to increase the number of female artists on display. Women like the doctor and her brave patients in the daily fight against breast cancer. Women like the first female Nobel Prize winner in physics and chemistry or the dancer who fell into the clutches of Nazi terror, or the composer who has been collecting musical treasures from female composers since the 1980s. Those women who paved the way for their successors in the 1950s, the mathematician who laid the foundation for computer science and AI in the century before last. The visual artist, the sculptor, the poet, the writer and any one of the countless women who had to rais their families alone after their husbands were killed at the front or held in captivity through war. And the activist who influenced a change in the law in Afghanistan through her #whereismyname campaign.

This personal selection of women was made by Monika Jäger (Eva Hesse), Nadine Respondek (Oda Schottmüller), Anne Deuter (Kerstin Kollecker), Barbara Dimanski (Dr. Regina Große), Magda Klemp (Valeria Napoleone), Ulrike Jänichen (Hanna), Franziska Stübgen (Aoyama Mitsuko), Paulina Brunner (Irmtraud Morgner), Anett Hoffmann (Laleh Osmany), Petra Reichenbach (Barbara Heller), Ilkay Unay-Gailhard (Marie Curie), Marianne Nagel (Ada lovelace), Sarah Deibele (Marion Poschmann) and Charlotte Ehrt (Daphne Oram).

The fourteen portraits of women were implemented using different techniques such as collage, drawing, monotype, paper cut or watercolor.
The calendar presented in pocket-book format offers adequate space for notes with its weekly overview.
This time it shines in pumpkin orange synthetic leather with an embossed title, a collection bag in the envelope and a color cut. The inner part is made of Metapaper ROUGH Warmwhite 90 gsm.
One costs € 22 plus € 5 flat-rate shipping (Germany) and can be ordered by email at
The book art center Halle, short b.a.c.H., sees itself as an open network for artists who deal with the medium of the book.

Original text: reichenbach design

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