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»Au hasard des vents«

Panoramic photobook

Views 25 set 03/2019

“Au hasard des vents” is a photobook of panoramic pictures by Pierre de Vallombreuse. But it's not just a series of panoramic pictures; if images has the potential to create poetry then Vallombreuse's images are just that. Why do we use of panoramic images? To create the greatest visual expanse…and it is this expansion that photographer Vallombreuse applies perfectly – such as showing tyre marks on the road at Altiplano; to illustrate a demonstration in Bolivia in 2008 and to present a man on a bicycle in India: where the environmental impact is toxic. We no longer view the pictures as mere spectators. Instead, we are pulled right into the middle of it. Vallombreuse manages to bring poetry into his photographs and makes his pictures much more than mere pictures. (Based on the foreword by Bernard Plossu in "Au hasard de vents".)
Behind the successful visual implementation is a lot of technical know-how; starting with the HP Indigo digital printing which included three blacks. This allows a much more contrasted and accurate representation of the black and grey tones. Metapaper EXTRAROUGH White 175 gsm has a very open surface as it is a natural paper, but thanks to the i-Tone treatment it is perfect for HP Indigo applications. It continues with the layflat binding, which is almost obligatory for the transition-free presentation of panoramic pictures. It was then bound as a hard cover brochure with an open back, where the name of the photographer is printed. A hot foil stamping on the front and back completes the presentation.
For the outstanding creation of this photobook, our Parisian print partner Picture Perfect received the "Inkspiration Award", presented by dscoop, in the category "Publishing.”

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Picture Perfect



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ediSens / Pierre de Vallombreuse

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