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Nucleus & Periphery

Twin brochure with 2 thread stitching book blocks

Views 27 set 06/2019

This unique book project is part of the diploma thesis by Erika Mai & Sarah Kral on the topic "Language & World Heritage."
Created at the ABK Stuttgart, specializing in communication design, 2019.
What is language? What is a thought? Are there thoughts outside of language? Would I have the same thoughts in another language? With what legitimacy can one assert that a linguistic expression is the "more correct" one? When can words hurt and when are words actions or instructions? In a nutshell, what is the relationship between language and our understanding of the world?
The interface between different language areas and different forms of mediation / media and Yuri Lotman's theory of the "semiosphere" were of particular focus and interest.
Content was presented in book blocks and distilled into five “acts” each supplemented with a commentary from a renowned contributor – such as: Prof. Dr med. Daniel Martin Feige, Prof. Dr Uwe Wirth, Prof. Dr Andreas Gardt and Alain Perusset.
In addition to a presentation of the theoretical / philosophical positions, a walk-in, three-dimensional 5m x 3.5m visualization space was also developed to represent a physical translation of the concept of the "semiosphere".
The small edition is brought to life with a thread binding of two complementary book blocks within an envelope and further refined with a partial internal and external coating application.
Together with Nino Druck GmbH, Schweizer Druck UG and Metapaper, they had the perfect partners to create a unique and wonderful thesis presentation. The result….a final mark 1.0!
The complexity of the project presented two distinct challenges: what materials and what print partner could execute the vision? The decision? A selection of materials were selected from the Metapaper portfolio: EXTRASMOOTH White 430gsm for the envelope and ROUGH White 100gsm, EXTRAMATT White 130gsm and ROUGH 5% Greywhite 100gsm for the contents. And the printer - Nino Druck and Schweizer Druck possessed the technical expertise to realise the vision.


©Photo & orig. Text: Sarah Kral & Erika Mai

Printing house

Nino Druck GmbH



Agency / customer

Erika Mai & Sarah Kral

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