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Galerie Kernweine Magazine

Views 25 set 03/2019

Recognising One year of Gallery Kernweine. In their first magazine "GK_001 BUT WHY?" Galerie Kernweine has captured and preserved the artists, works, encounters and moments experienced through this inaugural year.  What awaits you? See for yourself.

What we can share with you is the technical detail: Designed by Studio Orel and printed by Nino Druck with Scodix finishing. Various Metapaper papers were selected including SMOOTH + SILK White 325gsm for the cover and ROUGH White 120gsm, SILK RECYCLING 130gsm and EXTRAMATT White 130gsm for the content. The result is a true feast for the senses.

Printing house

Nino Druck GmbH



Agency / customer

Studio Orel / Galerie Kernweine

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