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Beste Reste

Limited edition notebooks and sketchbooks

Views 25 set 09/2023

This belongs in the category: Let yourself be surprised!
We have not yet found a better name than "Best Reste" (engl.: "Best Leftovers"), because it really sums it up. Screen-printed posters, designed by artists and produced by hand screen printing, can be sorted out with small imperfections during the production process. But they are far too beautiful not to be turned into A6 or A5 notebooks by us! With staple stitching and rounded corners.
With Metapaper content paper. Always different. Almost never available again, because we cut different pieces out of the posters. And because even the posters are printed in limited editions.
But that also means: you choose the format and quantity and we send you what we have. There will always be supplies thanks to our fantastic partners from Studio zum Heimathafen and Spiegelsaal.
More partners will follow. And the motto will always be: We make the best out of leftovers. No throwing away, but producing something from even the smallest scraps.

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