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The truth about...

Inspirational notebook

Views 117 set 07/2021

Have you ever heard of Italian Binding? No? Then now is the best time to do it.
Our print partner BRAUN Denk & Werk is known for their passion for presenting us with innovative print products and techniques. One of these techniques is "Italian Binding". In implementation it is like a PUR adhesive binding, but functionally it works like a layflat binding – achieving more than in combination. This special layflat binding also encourages its namesake again and again to create new, exciting print products, such as this notebook.
The idea emerged from a desire to use the waste sheets of the "THE aesthetic of BLACK" calendar for something else. Rings were punched out of the waste sheets, twisted and reinserted. This provided the cover with - literally - a very special twist. Inside there is also a small brochure in which curious people are introduced to "Italian Binding". The brochure was also punched out with a circular shape at the top and bottom edge so that it can be placed in a circle. But that's not all - the typography in the brochure also reinforces the circular movement and continually reproduces the motif on the cover.
With its special features, the notebook inspires the user to come up with new ideas, which they can then record on the inside, for example on Metapaper ORANGE. Maybe you already have an idea for your next project?



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Braun Denk & Werk

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