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Forest Longing


Views 25 set 01/2019

A current topic, if not a new one:People have longed for nature and for the forest since time immemorial. Why? What ideas or expectations do we take from and have for this natural environment? What forces trigger these ideas and expectations and to what extent do cultural landscapes, media and personal experiences influence our concept of nature? Within this reader eleven essays aim to stimulate a discourse with the reader to think about the "own forest" and help us to consider where this “Waldsehnsucht” (German for "Forest Longing") comes from? 

The objective of the book’s 296 pages is to discover the forest: and this discovery takes place the moment you enter the book space with the reader engaged on multiple levels of discovery – contextually and visually. Discreet “pockets” between the pages – where the paper is folded with a closed top section – contain findings from the forest , postcards and analogue collages capturing the essence of the forest subject and offering a haptic experience directly aligned to that felt in the forest. The tactile experience is further carried through to the paper – a vital element within the piece. Metapaper ROUGH Warmwhite 120 gsm and 240gsm was chosen. In addition to the paper touch, tree-leaf embossing can be felt on some pages – these embossing and finding varying from book to book as they were collected and collated by hand; as was the binding. The result is a series of very unique one of a kind books.

Original text & photo: Zana Mihajlovic

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