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Die Gretchenfrage

A typographical play

Views 26 set 02/2018

A unique typographical adaptation of the stage play "Faust The Tragedy (First Part)" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The unique feature of the production? Every character in the play has been assigned a font that corresponds to their character. The book shows examples of excerpts from the play – combining typography and classic typesetting.
To complement and contrast with the book’s classic presentation and typesetting, a paper with a traditional, natural feel and a contemporary, high white shade was chosen. Metapaper EXTRAROUGH Coldwhite delivered the traditional touch while the modern shade contrasted perfectly with the monochrome black typography. Traditional and contemporary. A unique collaboration.
The book, as an excerpt of a work, is bound in an open thread binding to represent the character of a "collection" while a hot foil stamp brings an element of luxury to the cover – one version is in black / black and another in black / white – to reflect the good / evil in the work. Produced by the Gilch printing House.

Printing house

Der Gilch GmbH



Agency / customer

Martin Stein

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