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Grafikmagazin 02.22


Views 51 set 04/2022

Grafikmagazin 02.22 is dedicated to "Science & Communication". Whether focused upon health, climate change or new materials and technologies, scientific findings are enormously important for us as a society and design can help us to create a visual language to simplify the facts and better enable us to understand the findings. 

The journey of discovery through the magazine begins with the cover. Through a series of die-cuts and the use of transparent paper, the cover provides a piece-by-piece glimpse of the information within and gradually introduces the reader to various subjects and topics – enticing them in and inviting them to discover and find out more. 

Black paper was printed UV offset with four hits of white then overprinted in places with 4 colours. In addition, a fifth colour Pantone Orange 021 and sixth colour silver were used. Various die-cuts reveal tracing paper underlays printed with the same Pantone Orange – creating the initial illusion of the tracing paper forming a component of the cover. To present readers with a comprehensive haptic experience, the inside 16pages were produced on EXTRAMATT White 130gsm from Metapaper. This unique coated paper has a rough and natural paper tough and a substantial bulk. The transparent paper allows individual words to show through inviting the reader to turn the page and reveal the full text. The secret decoder effect is a constant source of amazement.

Image & text: Grafikmagazin

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Phoenix Verlag für Grafikdesign, Grafikmagazin

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