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Waldemar Calendar 2022

A3 Risography calendar

Views 25 set 11/2021

Thirteen pages of artistry from Waldemar – lovingly created by hand using Riso printing. The new Waldemar calendar has been produced to engage the construction worker with a heart and a sense of what is truly beautiful, important, and right; WALDEMAR is also the calendar with a guarantee to ‘decelerate’ and ‘slow-down’ – because strength lies in stillness.

And for those of you for whom the pandemic has slowed the world enough, you can breathe a sigh of relief and find energy in the aesthetic and allow yourself to be swept away by a kaleidoscope of colour – from luxurious hunter green, burgundy and gold to vibrant neon green, orange, and pink – to ensure that you are refreshed and inspired all year long.

"Waldemar" is a free calendar project developed in collaboration with a very good friend of the Studio Houhou, who accompanied his colleague "on the construction site" with photographs over a long period of time. Fun fact: Waldemar was awake in the meantime.

Photo & Original text: Studio Houhou.

Printing house

Studio Hou hou.



Agency / customer

Studio Houhou.

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