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The Chemical Elements

2019 Calendar

Views 25 set 11/2018

2019 was designated by the UN as the international year of the elemental periodic table – 150 years after Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev created and presented the first draft and basic framework.
Fittingly, but more by chance than planned, Les Ateliers du Caillou and Frau Steiner have initiated and executed a project: "2019, The Chemical Elements" calendar. The project aimed to use their profession, both of which are done with passion, to work together with local illustrators (in Brussels) to showcase the work and talent of the artists and to raise awareness of the potential of risograph printing. The project team wishes the owners of the calendar plenty of creative bonding in 2019!
The calendar was risograph printed by Frau Steiner on EXTRAROUGH Warmwhite 150gsm.

Printing house

Frau Steiner



Agency / customer

Ateliers du Caillou / Frau Steiner

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