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Calendar 2020

Views 26 set 11/2019

This extra-slim portrait-style wall calendar was designed with a black spiral binding running horizontally down the middle so when folded the size is reduced to a convenient 230 x 305 mm to enable emailing as a maxi letter.
Black and white food photography is intended to encourage “new ways of seeing” and to sharpen perception. The clear but impressive concept is continued in the design with the number of months highlighted and identical to the number of foods shown. Adding to the interest, there is no text in the calendar with only the numbers of a weekly structure and Sundays highlighted. Holidays and language are also omitted, which enables international use. A unique colour palette is used with only black and neon yellow offset against the white paper. The idea behind the design was to capture the essence and appearance of neon light advertising from the 1920s. To further enhance the retro and nostalgic feel the Mostra Nuova typeface, based on a font that was seen on Italian Art Deco posters in the 1930s, is used to carry a simple quote.
Last but not least, the calendar bears another motto: "Color doesn't matter", whether it's "black or white" - we are all human!
Feigfotodesign's love style calendar 2020 received the Gregor Award in the self-publishing category.



Agency / customer

Feigfotodesign / Frischmann Druck und Medien

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