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Vinyl + Booklet

Views 25 set 12/2023

INDUSTRIAL – New Düsseldorf Industrial Music

The INDUSTRIAL project brings together Düsseldorf musicians with the local industry in an unusual approach: Selected companies open their premises enabling the artists to be inspired by the noises of the factory halls and sounds of the machines in order to create new compositions.

For the first edition, the foundations for 15 new tracks from different genres were created in this way at 8 industrial locations. The sounds of the factory halls form the basis for ‘New Düsseldorf Industrial Music’.

Instead of a conventional booklet, the 'Open Studio' conceived and designed a simple and customized solution to illustrate the connections within the project and its protagonists:

Each double vinyl album comes with 10 single sheets, each showcasing a participating company on the front side. The reverse side of each sheet is then dedicated to the artists and bands who visited the location and recorded on site. Alongside textual information, each page features additional images by a total of 4 photographers from Düsseldorf who accompanied and documented all the recordings. Printed on both sides in 1C on 120 gsm Metapaper ROUGH Coldwhite.

Image + text : ©Open Studio



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