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Our Songs of Endurance

Booklet with various fine papers and finishing techniques

Views 25 set 05/2020

With this booklet we try to show customers just how many design features and options are offered by the medium of the print – particularly in comparison to online marketing where the physical and haptic experience is completely excluded. Touch and sensory stimulation greatly enhance the communication process, creating an ‘experience’ and stirring the emotions; paper delivers this physical interaction which enables customers to engage with and ‘occupy’ the document – greatly enhancing the effectiveness of the interaction.
The booklets visual inspiration comes from the pictures of the singing people on Italy's balconies, the orchestras playing separately from each other and the various living room concerts. The power of music is able to connect people with one another, even across isolation and great distances. For this reason we want to give our favourite songs a stage.
Some of the materials used include:
Metapaper SMOOTH White 120 gsm for the banderole
MULTILOFT COVER EXTRASMOOTH with INSERT Yellow for "Happiness is a warm gun"
Metapaper BLACK & WHITE 300 gsm for “Paint it black”
Metapaper CRAFT Warmwhite 250 gsm for the introduction
Original Text: Druckerei Schöneweiß




Agency / customer

Druckerei Schöneweiß GmbH

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