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Dutch Design Week Postcards

Multiloft Postcards

Views 26 set 10/2017

Dutch Design Week is an annual event about Dutch Design, hosted in Eindhoven. Groels\ print media people was tasked to design a special postcard for them. The results are 10 x 15 cm MULTILOFT postcards, with different colour inserts where they laser cut certain areas on the front layer to showcase the colour INSERTs (Magenta, Yellow, Blue, Darkgreen). At the stand of PrintPakt visitors could not only take these postcards, but thanks to the support of PostNL they could also be sent for free during this event. Printed on an HP Indigo using MULTILOFT Cover EXTRAROUGH White 325gsm at Groels. Specials Postcards, that will stay with our memories for a long time.


Printing house

Thijsen BV



Agency / customer

Groels \ print media people

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