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Gentlemen’s Delight

Print, that grabs attention

Views 26 set 03/2018

For their “Gentlemen’s Delight” evening event fashion house Kaiser wanted to develop a collection of printed objects which would grab attention and make an impact: Invitations, coasters and entry tickets.
The result was a series of noble and impressive black cards – created using MULTILOFT Cover Black 270gsm complete with a double black INSERT and finished with raised white print.
The A5 format invitation card was further refined with a digital gloss paint front to create a chic eye-catching effect.
Confirmed invitations received a ticket wrapped in a handkerchief. The card carried a personalised description and the handkerchief served as a VIP entry feature. The reverse of the ticket also included a folding guide.
The look and theme was carried through the event with coasters also matching the look of the invitation and tickets.
A stunning black and white piece printed at Burger-Druck.

Printing house

Burger Druck GmbH



Agency / customer

Kaiser – Das Modehaus

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