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Event plan in Geopark Grenzwelten

Event plan

Views 25 set 03/2021

"We're doing everything differently this year!"
With this statement began the journey towards a wonderful print project.
The task and the self-image of the national Geopark GrenzWelten is to offer a journey through time, through the history of the earth and bring the past to life. To ensure this continuing and ongoing journey keeps the past alive whilst also celebrating the present and the future, we have dared to take a radical step compared to previous years. The scope was drastically reduced, production transferred to on-demand and a matt coated picture print switched to an ecoFIBRES paper. We want to go ahead and show that radical steps are sometimes necessary to initiate positive change. The result shows us that things can really get better if we all participate.
True to our motto "Reduce your Footprint / Impact!"
Original text: Druckerei Schöneweiß



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Geopark GrenzWelten

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