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Paper sample book

Views 25 set 06/2018

For her thesis at the Design School Munich, a student created a paper catalogue based on the Metapaper paper selection. The title "(3+4)x16=1" derives from the paper selection used. The selected papers are available in 3 paper colours (White, Warmwhite and Coldwhite according to the Metapaper logic), sorted into 4 compartments and the different grammages. This results in the sample book with a selection of 16 paper cards, which are combined in a sample book or a collection.
The catalogue consists of 3 sections: an information brochure, the paper index cards and a sample book, where each page is a different Metapaper paper. The elements were bound and fastened in a hardcover, which folds together in a gate fold. The catalogue can also be divided into two parts: the recipe book on the left, which is the sample book, and the paper catalogue on the right. This subdivision was marked with two blind embossings.

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Marina Sedlmeier

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