Zodiac sign - The Pig

Project 02/20/2020


We've arrived at the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac: the pig. Pigs are seen as a symbol of luck though the word can also be seen as a word of insult. But when it comes to the character traits of those people born under the sign of the pig, there is much more behind it and most are extremely positive. To find out more about being born under the sign of the Pig, Metapaper ROUGH 5% and hot foil stamping…. read on.

Characteristics of the zodiac sign
People born under the sign of the pig display a love of culture and knowledge. They usually keep a cool head regardless of the difficulty of the situation and can therefore solve problems appropriately and with care. They treat their fellow human beings kindly and courteously, which results in Pig-born having many friends. Every situation that is presented to the Pig-born is treated and managed personally and responsibly. Those born under the sign of the pig can be silent, somewhat taciturn and not always so eloquent. Their main negative characteristic, however, is their excitability. They can change from calm to excited, or angry, in no time. It is recommended to offer them food in such a situation! The naive, happy and gentle Pig, however, has a very concentrated way of working which means they are diligent and committed to achieving a goal or objective. They will seldom reject any request of help from another but will rarely ask for help for themselves.[1]

Years of the Pig
1935 | 1947 | 1959 | 1971 | 1983 | 1995 | 2007 | 2019 | 2031

Celebrities born under the sign of the Pig
Arnold Schwarzenegger (1947)
Sir Elton John (1947)
Hillary Clinton (1947)
Stephen King (1947)
Elon Mask (1971)
Justin Trudeau (1971)
Amy Winehouse (1983)

Paper: ROUGH 5% Rosewhite
ROUGH 5% is based on Metapaper ROUGH with 5% colour added. The addition of 5% red results in Rosewhite. The special and interesting thing about this paper – it has enough colour to bring interest and intrigue to a print project yet is still white enough so as to not impact upon or influence the printed image. ROUGH 5% is also available in Greywhite, Bluewhite and Greenwhite. More information on ROUGH 5% can be found on the Metapaper Wiki.

Finishing: Hot foil stamping
If you are looking for a simple yet strikingly effective finishing technique you can do no better than hot foil stamping. The choice of foils and effects is striking from solid colours, metallics and metallic coloured foil accents. And depending on the amount of pressure exerted on the embossing stamp a tactile, haptic effect can also be created and achieved. With the pig card a holographic glitter foil was chosen. Further information on hot foil stamping can be found on the Metapaper Wiki.

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