Zodiac sign - The Horse

Project 11/28/2019


As a Stuttgart-based company the horse is an important symbol for us. Formerly called "Stutengarten" ('horse garden' in German) and with a horse in the municipal coat of arms we are strongly associated with horses. Whether Stuttgart's people are influenced by the character of horses? Find out for yourself below. Once again, in keeping with this series, we will provide some short insights on the paper and the finishing techniques utilised in the creation of the Horse card.
Characteristics of the animal:
People born in the year of the horse are seen as very adept and skilled whether this is in the craft sector, through sports or at work. This ‘skilfulness’ ensures that they are also very confident individuals – whether in something they can or cannot do– who enjoy every opportunity to display their uniqueness! People born in the sign of the horse also, naturally, love their freedom and even from a very early age they will use every opportunity they can to leave the house and be outdoors. They can be quite self-centred, very focused on themselves and can often have difficulty empathising with others. They are, however, extremely persistent and do not give up easily, with the drive and motivation to keep improving themselves. As far as their luck with money is concerned…. they can easily make a lot of money which they also like to spend! Horses like a luxurious lifestyle. They are not great savers![1]

Years of the horse:
1930 | 1942 | 1954 | 1966 | 1978 | 1990 | 2002 | 2014 | 2026

Celebrities born under the sign of the horse:

  • Rembrandt (1606)
  • Isaac Newton (1643.01)
  • Frédéric Chopin (1810)
  • Thomas Edison (1847.02)
  • Theodore Roosevelt (1858)
  • Nelson Mandela (1918)
  • Paul McCartney (1942)
  • Jimmy Hendrix (1942)

Paper: EXTRASMOOTH Warmwhite
EXTRASMOOTH is a super smooth natural paper that is suitable for all printing processes. It is so smooth that it is suitable for digital cold foil, which is uncommon for natural papers. More information can be found here in our wiki.

Finishing: screen printing with colourful glitter
The glitter paint for the horse card was mixed by Gallery Print. Four different types of glitter particles and small-sized films were mixed into a relief with a satin-gloss UV varnish. The silver, gold, red and green films were mixed in a special ratio - stirred extremely well so as to ensure even distribution. The ‘paint’ was then screen printed onto the card. The detailed making-of can be found online at PAGE.

Check out the horse card project here.

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