Zodiac sign - The Monkey

Project 01/30/2020


Monkeys and humans are very alike – sharing characteristic and personality traits which can be clearly seen when examining the Monkey zodiac sign. For more information on the shared traits and the paper and finishing techniques adopted by the card please continue reading.
Characteristics of the zodiac sign:
Individuals born under the sign of the monkey are extremely ambitious. Even at a young age they are eager to learn and to use their intelligence to advance their school career. Sometimes they are a little inaccurate and unfocused, but hard work ultimately makes them successful.
In terms of work, the performance of the monkeys is very subject-related. If the topic is not of their interest, they work rather carelessly. However, if it is a topic of passion then they will exert all of their efforts to overcome every difficulty and will not let anyone dissuade them from the project.
The family is very important to the monkey. Caring for their parents is in their nature, bringing up their children is paramount and they do not hope for anything in return. However, they may spoil their children too much, which is one of their major weaknesses.
Those born under the sign of the monkeys are freedom-loving souls full of joie de vivre and lust for adventure. They are curious about the unknown and optimistic. But their adventurous nature can also cause them some difficulties….but in the end they live a long, healthy, happy and fulfilling life.[1]

Years of the monkey:
1932 | 1944 | 1956 | 1968 | 1980 | 1992 | 2004 | 2016 | 2028

Celebrities born under the sign of the monkey:

  • Julius Caesar (100 BC)
  • Leonardo da Vinci (1519)
  • René Descartes (1596)
  • Johann Sebastian Bach (1685)
  • Tom Hanks (1956)
  • Céline Dion (1968)
  • Will Smith (1968)

Paper: Metapaper ROUGH White 300gsm
ROUGH is the rough counterpart to SMOOTH: A voluminous, FSC®-certified natural paper that is often used for business stationery. The EXTRAROUGH envelopes and the A4 copy paper in 80gsm fit perfectly. More information about ROUGH can be found here in the wiki.
Finishing: Hot foil stamping
Hot foil stamping is a finishing process in which metallic, metallic shades or brightly coloured, foils are transferred to the substrate by way of an embossing stamp and the application of heat and pressure. Foils are usually more opaque than embossing with colour though there are generally fewer colour options from which to choose. Do you want more information about hot foil stamping? Click here for the wiki contribution.

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