Zodiac cards - The Ox

Project 10/24/2019

Tierkreiszeichen Ochse

Strong, persevering and peaceful. Does that reflect your understanding and appreciation of the oxen? The oxen among you will enjoy the strong personality characteristic shared by the zodiac sign. Our zodiac cards not only describe the personality traits but also provide detailed information on the paper used and the finishing techniques adopted.
Zodiac Characteristics
The ox is the second zodiac sign in the cycle of twelve. Oxen enjoy a good reputation for responsibility, ambition and for being grounded – they are very down-to-earth. This makes oxen personalities extremely popular with colleagues and supervisors – receiving praise and being trusted; even when presented with obstacles and challenges the ox will manage their way through, persevere and overcome. This perseverance can, however, like the animal, be seen as stubbornness! Like the immovable oxen this personality can be slow to change and react and can sometimes overly cling to the traditional ways.
The oxen may also occasionally struggle to express their feelings which can make it difficult for those around them to fully understand and appreciate how they are feeling – even in conflict the ox will withdraw rather than express their dissatisfaction…. But beware… when an ox does get angry…the normally calm personality changes with startling effect. Stay away![1]

Years of the ox
1925 | 1937 | 1949 | 1961 | 1973 | 1985 | 1997 | 2009 | 2021

Celebrities born under the sign of the ox

  • Napoleon Bonaparte (1769)
  • Hans Christian Andersen (1805)
  • Vincent van Gogh (1853)
  • Charlie Chaplin (1889)
  • Walt Disney (1901)
  • Rosa Parks (1913)
  • Barack Obama (1961)

Paper: Metapaper SMOOTH Warmwhite
SMOOTH is a soft paper with a light touch – and a real premium hybrid offset paper. Hybrid means it is suitable for offset, HP indigo digital printing and dry toner digital printing. More detailed information can be found here in the wiki.
Finishing: Hot foil embossing
Hot foil embossing is a luxurious finishing process whereby a foil is transferred to a paper substrate using a stamp, high temperature and pressure. Hot foil stamping is used to achieve metallic effects as well as creating special colours and colour with high opacity. This is well illustrated on the ox card where a rich, deep dark blue is applied over a vibrant, bright yellow. Find out more about hot foil embossing here in our wiki.

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