Zodiac sign - The Goat

Project 12/05/2019


How do you see the personality of the goat? Quiet? Gentle? These are certainly the characteristics which correspond with the Goat as a zodiac sign. To match these peaceful characteristics white screen-printing and soft natural paper was selected for the goat zodiac card. Find out more about the zodiac sign, the paper, and the finishing process below.

Characteristics of the zodiac sign
The goat is considered to be one the gentlest signs of the zodiac. They are extremely helpful, sincere, kind and empathic – compassionate to the misfortune of others but also quiet and somewhat shy.

When goats are doing well they are elegant artists and creative makers. However, if experiencing a difficult phase they can be extremely sorrowful and can curse the world.

The inner world of the goat often does not match their outward appearance. Should they be threatened, they remain calm on the outside but inside they are in turmoil – swallowing their frustrations rather than fighting to justify themselves to others. They stick to their views internally but externally this is not obvious and can lead to frustration and even fury. In such times it might help to take firm action to help spark the goat out of their anxieties.

Many people bought under the sign of the goat enjoyed a childhood full of love and security. Fate smiles upon the goat who has a pure and good-natured heart. This results in a generosity for time and money. If you get into a difficult situation, you can count on your goat friends to give you a helping hand. They also always find creative ways to get what they want without using force…and are willing to invest a lot of time and patience to find a reason to not do something they do not want to do…

And no matter where the goat people go, they always remain open to new human relationships and treat every person, who invests in them, honestly and with trust.[1]

Years of the goat
1930 | 1942 | 1954 | 1966 | 1978 | 1990 | 2002 | 2014 | 2026

Celebrities born under the sign of the goat:
Christopher Columbus (1451)
Michelangelo (1475)
Franz Schubert (1797)
Franz Liszt (1811)
Marc Twain (1835)
Thomas Edison (1847)
Arthur Conan Doyle (1859)
Bill Gates (1955)
Steve Jobs (1955)


EXTRASMOOTH is a smooth fine paper developed by Mohawk. It combines an interesting and pleasant feel with perfect printability – on both offset, digital and HP Indigo print platforms.
Finishing: Screenprinting white
The screen printing process sees the image to be printed realised through the squeezing of ink through a screen onto the material. Using different screens, the application of ink (the thickness of the print) can be varied. Screen printing is often recognized by the thick and palpable colour application, which is not possible in any other printing process. This form of printing was selected not only for the contrast in colour but also for a contrast in touch.

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