Metapaper meets Chinese Zodiac

Project 10/09/2019

Metapaper meets Chinese Zodiac

12 motifs, 12 finishes, 12 papers
This year we have been even more international and intercultural than usual with our breakfast roadshows taking us to over 20 locations across Europe. We participated in conferences in Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden, had our official launch in France and are now launching a project where the source of inspiration is in far-off China: The Metapaper zodiac cards.

The partners
Design agency Factor (Hamburg) was in charge of design and conception; our Print Partner Gallery Print (Berlin) managed the printing and finishing; PAGE magazine took care of all the research and background information and, of course, only the finest Metapaper and the finest paper-maker, Mohawk, (New York) provided the paper on which these 12 extraordinary, highly refined zodiac signs were created.

From the idea to the zodiac cards
The origin of the project was a lunch between Armin (Founder Gallery Print) and Axel Scheufelen (Founder Metapaper). Their ambition was to create a print product that would not only inspire agencies, designers and all print and paper lovers, but also provide insights and suggestions to their daily work. The technical capabilities of Gallery Print and the Metapaper Paper System provided the technical foundation. All that was missing was a designer. So they brought on board Olaf Stein (partner at Factor, Hamburg). The final piece was how to utilise 12 Metapaper papers and to implement at least 12 different finishing techniques.
(You can find out more about the project in an interview with Armin in the new episode of the Metapaper podcast "From Design to Print". Listen to it above. The interview was conducted in German.)

The finishes
And the result? Twelve cards on twelve different papers boasting a wealth of unique finishes. Do you have a card set? Do you want a card set? Request yours HERE.
Each finish is either harmoniously integrated into the motif or becomes the motif itself. And the biggest challenge.... The production? The paper selection? No – these were both relatively easy. The single biggest challenge was planning the finish without actually knowing what the final product would look like! Colour and print can be simulated and manipulated but the interaction between printing, paper and finishing cannot. Here, experience, communication and of course experimentation was required. The results were worth it.
A detailed description of the individual zodiac cards with various finishes including blind embossing, hot foil, relief varnish and screen print with glitter effect can be found online at PAGE. (The article is in German.)

The zodiac signs on 12 metapaper papers with finishing
Which papers and finishes have been implemented? Here is an overview:

  • Monkey: Metapaper ROUGH White - Hot foil embossing Short Luxor 392
  • Pig: Metapaper ROUGH 5% Rosewhite - Hot Foil Kurz Sparkle Bright SB Dots
  • Tiger: Metapaper EXTRAROUGH Coldwhite – transparent hot foil
  • Ox: Metapaper SMOOTH Warmwhite - Hot Foil embossing Kurz Colorit 917
  • Dragon: Metapaper EXTRAROUGH Warmwhite - hot foil gold glossy, hot foil embossing white, relief varnish
  • Rat: Metapaper ROUGH 5% Greywhite - The light gray color of the paper
  • Snake: Metapaper Silk Recycling White - 3D embossing
  • Horse: Metapaper EXTRASMOOTH Warmwhite - screen print with colorful glitter
  • Goat: Metapaper EXTRASMOOTH White – screen printing in white
  • Rooster: Metapaper EXTRAROUGH RECYCLING White - blind embossing
  • Rabbit: Metapaper EXTRASMOOTH Warmwhite – hot foil embossing transparent glossy
  • Dog: Metapaper EXTRAMATT Coldwhite - Hot Foil embossing Kurz Luxor 455

To us the interpretation of the Chinese zodiac signs is not only aesthetically pleasing and exciting but it also fits Metapaper. Just as every zodiac sign has a unique character and personality it is the same with every paper in the Metapaper Logic – each paper displaying a distinct character and abracing a place within the system. And just as the various signs of the zodiac come and go, their cyclical and timeless quality ensures that they remain up to date and contempporary time and time again.

Beginning from next week more details and background information on each of the various signs of the zodiac can be found on the Metapaper blog.
How do I get my hands on the Metapaper zodiac cards?
All twelve refined zodiac cards can be ordered as a complete set from Metapaper. Cards are free of charge. There is also a personalized surprise from Metapaper – only while stocks last.

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