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EXTRASMOOTH is a superfine paper with a very smooth finish. It is the result of a co-operation between the Mohawk paper mill in New York and the University of Yale. The paper combines an appealing finish and feel with perfect printability. This is achieved by applying a special surface treatment that was developed for HP Indigo digital presses. EXTRASMOOTH is also suitable for dry toner digital printing, offset printing with and without U.V. curing as well as for Risograph printing.

Like its rough counterpart EXTRAROUGH, EXTRASMOOTH is also available in the three colour shades Warmwhite, White and Coldwhite and the grammages 105 g/m2, 120 g/m2, 150 g/m2, 175 g/m2, 270 g/m2, 350 g/m2 and 430 g/m2. At 350 g/m2 and 430 g/m2, EXTRASMOOTH is produced as a duplex paper, i.e. the paper is made of two separate sheets. The wide spectrum of available colour shades and grammages is ideal for all kinds of stationery requirements.

The global availability of EXTRAROUGH and EXTRASMOOTH in the colour shade White is a unique selling proposition. The paper is sold in Europe (via Metapaper), in North- and South America, in Australia, Dubai, China and Japan. EXTRAROUGH is FSC-certified and produced with 100% wind energy.

EXTRASMOOTH Coldwhite is a special product line for Metapaper and is only available in Europe.

The MULTILOFT Cover Coldwhite is also available in EXTRASMOOTH, with matching envelopes in all sizes in SMOOTH. For orders of 5,000 or more we will also customize envelopes. And by the way: EXTRASMOOTH is FSC®-certified and made with 100% wind energy.

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