Bluewhite, Greywhite, Greenwhite & Rosewhite

ROUGH with 5% "COLOR"

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Text by Metapaper

When we were developing BLUEWHITE, GREYWHITE, GREENWHITE and ROSEWHITE, we asked ourselves the question: What percentage of color will create the perfect hint of color to create a perfect blend of white and subtle shade to complement and contrast with our established White, Coldwhite and Warmwhite shades?

The answer is about 5%.... And the result is a nuance of white with a hint…. Of black to create a GREYWHITE, 5% blue creates our BLUEWHITE while green and red create GREENWHITE and ROSEWHITE respectively.

Available in 100, 140 and 350gsm – perfect for stationery concepts with a twist or unique print projects. And as with all Metapaper products, developed for HP Indigo printing and all conventional print processes including offset and dry toner digital printing. And with the haptic effect of the rough surface….It is also a perfect choice for Riso printing.

Enjoy the extra 5% ...

And last but not least: Envelopes in small runs on demand available, with the EXTRAROUGH "cut".

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